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January 2011

He will again have compassion upon us, he will tread our iniquities under foot.

Thou will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea.  Micah 7:19

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 The year is new and most of us have plans and ideas and hopes and aspirations and dreams for these days of 2011 that lie ahead of us.  We certainly do as a church as well.  We at Orlean United Methodist Church say that we want to reach out more to our community in service and in mission, we want to continue --- and perhaps to expand --- joint worship with churches of other denominations, we want to continue to experience joyful praise and worship opportunities as well as maintain our traditional and cherished worship experiences that are so close to us.   We want to continue all of this and more, but we do have to put everything in perspective, don’t we?  After all, we are a very small church with limited membership and resources.  So, we must strive to be wise stewards of our resources and to, well, simply put ----keep everything in perspective.  

Meeting Schedules

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Fifth Sunday

UM Women Meet Second Thursday Evenings


What follows is a small writing from Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul (Bobby:  When You Can’t Be Strong for Yourself) that I believe is an excellent example for us to keep close to our hearts as we begin our new year; to help us to “keep it all in perspective:”


“As a physician involved in the care of children I am very fortunate to witness daily the wondrous power, strength and faith of the most physically fragile among us.  One such event involves Bobby, a five-year-old child who had been diagnosed with leukemia at age four.  Bobby’s cancer was in remission --- he was free of disease --- and he had come to the hospital for a series of diagnostic tests that were a routine part of his treatment plan.  Bobby had bright blue eyes and a shy smile that at first glance didn’t reveal the wisdom gained through his one year struggle against cancer.


Bobby had lost all of his hair secondary to his regular chemotherapy treatment.  The chemotherapy often left him nauseous and unable to eat.  Bobby had experienced numerous painful procedures and treatments and this day was to be no exception.  Bobby was undergoing a procedure that was indeed painful.  He had been through it before, so he knew what to expect.  I explained to him what we were going to do, and why, and the importance of him remaining very still.  Bobby assured me that he would be very still, and he promised that the nurses and technologists in attendance would not need to hold him down.


As we began, Bobby asked, “Dr. Brown, would it be okay if I say the Twenty-third Psalm while you stick me?”


“Of course, that would be fine,” I said, and we began. 


Bobby recited beautifully, no tears, no movement.  The procedure went well.  Bobby, in his young wisdom, reassured me, “Dr. Brown, that really didn’t hurt much.”  We knew it had.  Then Bobby caught me by surprise when he asked, “Dr. Brown, do you know the Twenty-third Psalm?


“Well, sure,” I answered him.


“Can you recite it like me?” he asked, a bit doubtfully.


“Well, I don’t know.  I think so,” I said, realizing that I was going out on a limb.


“Let’s hear you,” said Bobby.


So I proceeded to stumble through it.  My performance was quite shabby in comparison to Bobby’s, and I didn’t have a needle sticking in my back.  I noticed all the other white-coated professionals in the room were trying to disappear as they feared being called on next, a prospect more frightening than being asked to perform at grand rounds. 


Then beautiful and bald Bobby said to all of us, “You know, you really should learn the Twenty-third Psalm by heart.  Because when you say it out loud, God hears you and he lets you know inside your heart that he is being strong for you when you can’t be strong for yourself.”


“………for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

James C. Brown, M. D.




Happy New Year my friends, and may we keep everything in the life of the church that we all love so much in perspective.



Remember, God loves you and so do I.                         Pastor Jim


Food Pantry & PDF

During the 4th quarter, the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund was able to help 2 families with lodgings, 1 family with the utility bill, and 1 family with funeral expenses.  The e-scrip program (shopping with the Safeway Bonus Club card) donated $32.46 to the Food Pantry Fund in the 3rd quarter.     

Tip of the Halo to:

  • Joan Poole for organizing and hosting the baby shower for Eileen
  • everyone for 5th Sunday Potluck
  • Lou Payne for the autumn altar display
  • the choir for singing at the Leeds Episcopal Thanksgiving Service
  • Elma, Lou, Sharon, Shaw, and Stephanie for decorating the church for Christmas
  • The Orlean Community Trail System for having a food drive and donating the food to the Food Pantry
  • Carol Payne for organizing Angel Tree; everyone who sponsored a child; and Joan Blackwell, Libby Krause, and Shaw Moffett for being the sleigh drivers who delivered the gifts
  • everyone who provided a dove for the Lights of Love and Joan Poole for coordinating the event
  • everyone who donated Campbell ’s Labels for Education
  • all who helped in providing Christmas Cheer for the residents of the Fauquier Family Shelter


If anyone would like to receive the church newsletter by e-mail, please send your e-mail address to orleanwebmaster@yahoo.com and put newsletter in the subject line.  Thank you.   

Birthdays and Special Celebrations 

Gus C.                            Jan. 13

Joshua T.                        Jan. 14

Irene & Bob B. (anniv.)     Jan. 20

Arthur M.                       Jan. 26

Joan B.                           Jan. 31

Lou P.                            Feb. 5

Joan & Ken P. (anniv.)     Feb. 6

Connie Scott D.                Feb. 7

Gracie Edna W.                Feb. 14

Shaw M.                          Feb. 26

Julie R.                           Feb. 28

Peggy & Mack B. (anniv)   Mar. 3

R. O. U.                          Mar. 12

Bob T.                             Mar. 14

Peggy B.                          Mar. 15

Rose R.                            Mar. 16

Mary & Bobby T. (anniv.)   Mar. 19

Sandra P.                         Mar. 26

Rudasill H.                       Mar. 27

  Calendar of Events      

Jan. 2    Baptism of James Franklin Leamon at regular worship service;

            welcome to our church family, James!

Jan. 9    Administrative Council meets following regular worship service

Jan. 13  United Methodist Women meet via e-mail

Jan. 16  Pastor Parish Relations Committee meeting after worship service

Jan. 22  Winchester District Leadership Training Day at Braddock Street

           UMC in Winchester

Jan. 27  Ladies Night Out 6:00 p.m.; place to be announced

Jan. 30  5th Sunday Potluck after regular worship service

Feb. 10  United Methodist Women meet via e-mail

Feb. 24  Ladies Night Out 6:00 p.m.; place to be announced

Mar. 10  United Methodist Women meet via e-mail

Mar. 24  Ladies Night Out 6:00 p.m.; place to be announced





The Orlean United Methodist Women conduct most of their monthly meetings on-line.  Around the second Thursday the president e-mails her agenda; the women respond with their votes and comments by clicking the “reply all” button before sending.  If you have any questions, please contact Shaw Moffett.  If you would like to participate, please send your e-mail address to orleanwebmaster@yahoo.com and put women in the subject line.  All women are welcome.

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