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July 2010

Rejoice in the Lord always;  Philippians 4:4a

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Notes From Annual Conference

June 13th to 16th was this year's Virginia Annual Conference for the United Methodist Church . It was my third year of having the privilege of attending as the lay delegate for Orlean United Methodist Church .  Pastor Jim and Eileen also attended.

As usual it was an uplifting event.  Although much time is spent conducting (mostly) routine business, there is also a significant amount of time spent in praise and worship.  This year's guest speaker for the worship portion was Rev. Vance Ross, Deputy General Secretary for the Methodist Church Board of Discipleship.  He is a dynamic and engaging speaker with a style akin to that of Rev. Jeff Hackley from Mt. Morris .  He spoke three times and was very inspiring.  The music was much better this year as we sang in English and Spanish, languages that are actually spoken in our churches unlike last year when we sang mostly in languages that probably nobody in the auditorium understood. We also were addressed by Rev. Jim Gulley who is a consultant to UMCOR and who was in Haiti with the head of UMCOR and another high ranking UMCOR official when the earthquake struck.  They were trapped in the ruins of their hotel for two days before being rescued.  The other two did not survive the ordeal.  It was a moving address that reemphasized to me just how lucky we are.

The generosity of the church/conference was on full display.  The conference offering, which this year is slated for leadership development in Virginia , Brazil , and Mozambique , was $194,894.00 and still rising at last count.  46,477 kits were provided as well as $92,021 to purchase more (most were to be sent to Haiti ).  Volunteers assembled 102,000 packaged meals for an international food distribution agency.  42,000 pounds of potatoes were gathered for distribution by 18 different agencies in the Tidewater area.  6891 pounds of (mostly) canned food was also donated for distribution. One step that was approved by the Conference as a cost saving measure was decreasing the number of districts in the conference from 18 to 16.  Our district, Winchester , will actually lose churches despite the decrease in the number of districts.  Although there was substantial discussion of this topic last year, the reduction was passed with relatively little debate.

The item that probably generated the most discussion was a movement by the Site Selection Committee to move some of the previously scheduled annual conferences to Hampton from Roanoke.  The proposal actually ended up being voted down leaving the Annual Conference in Roanoke for the next two years.  We haven't heard the last of this topic, however.  The resolutions presented to the Conference were relatively non-controversial this year.  I do continue to feel, however, that they should be vetted better before being presented. As with my previous to Annual Conferences, one of the highlights was opening the conference edition of The Advocate and finding confirmation that Rev. Jim had indeed been reappointed to serve at Orlean United Methodist Church.
Rusty Rawson


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  Food Pantry & PDF

During the 2nd quarter, the Food Pantry was able to help one family.  There were no calls for financial assistance.  E-scrip (Safeway Bonus Card) donated $70.31 to the Food Pantry fund in the 1st quarter. 


A very big THANK YOU to:

~~ Sharon, Elma, Joan P., Carol, Sandy P., Joan B., and Pat (and Shaw’s mom) for helping the mission team of Leeds Episcopal Church by sewing 82 Christmas stockings for the children on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. 

~~Cathy Dodson of PRINTING FOR YOU in Warrenton for donating 7 copies of the pattern. 

~~Brenda Hackett for taking pictures of the stockings which Eileen Leamon put on the church website (to view, go to website and click on Missions ).

Tip of the Halo to:

o   everyone who contributed food for the 5th Sunday Potluck

o   everyone who contributed money and items to Kits for Conference

o   Joan and Kenny Poole for coordinating the addition of draperies in the sanctuary

o   everyone who contributed food for Praise and Worship

o   Scott Poole and Kenny Poole for landscaping the church grounds

o   Rusty Rawson for his guest column

o   everyone who contributed Campbell’s labels

Birthdays and Special Celebrations    

July 9   Jeff S.

July 9   Carol P.

July 9   Sandy S.

July 15 Bobby M.

July 20 Elma C.

July 21 Irene B.

July 23 Connie and Bob D. (anniv.)

July 25 Jim L.

July 26 Susan and Bill C. (anniv.)

July 30 Steven M.

July 30 Lorraine U.

July 31 Joan P.   

Aug. 1  Betty  & Bob T. (anniv.)

Aug. 2  Ethel & Rudasill H. (anniv.)

Aug. 3    Amelia H.

Aug. 7    Crystal S.

Aug. 21  Rusty R.

Aug. 27  Bob B.

Aug. 31  Eileen & Jim L. (anniv.)

Aug. 31  Betty T.

Sept. 1  Lyn S.

Sept.10 Zachary H.

Sept. 14 Gus & Elma C. (anniv.)

Sept.15  Tammy S.

Sept. 24 Sue & Jim B. (anniv.)

Sept. 26 Bill C.

Calendar of Even ts

July 14             P.P.R.C. meeting 6:30 p.m.

July 14             Administrative Council meeting 7:00 p.m.

August 29       Joint worship with Mount Morris Baptist Church at Mount Morris
followed by lunch.

September 9    Orlean United Methodist Women; meet via e-mail

September 23  Ladies Night Out, time and place to be announced  

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