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Grace, mercy, and peace will be with us, from God the Father and from Jesus Christ the Father’s Son,
in truth and love.  2 John 3

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A Message From the Pastor

Fall is always a busy time in the life of the church, and this year is no exception as we will be experiencing, for the first time as members of the Alexandria District, our annual Charge and District Conferences in October.  There will also be other church business functions such as Council and Committee meetings.  However, the fall also brings wonderful worship opportunities such as the rich and powerful ecumenical worship service that we share each year at Thanksgiving time with other churches in our community.   The joy and majesty of Advent and Christmas will soon beckon as well.   We are also, in concert with other area United Methodist churches, exploring ways of continuing to serve and extend a hand to those who work and currently live at the Fauquier Family Shelter; more on that as plans take shape.   Plan now to attend our fifth Sunday pot-luck lunch on October 30, and this year we again look forward to a special treat as the Baer family has offered their farm and tractor for another fall tradition ---- a hayride.  The life of our small congregation is rich and it is abundant and powerful and loving and kind and generous, and what a joy it is to be a part of this Body of Christ.  Another special event this quarter?  The first birthday of our son James Franklin, and Eileen and I remain in awe and wonder at this beautiful and wonderful gift that we have received from God. 


Here is a little something that I thought you would enjoy; see if you know anyone like the two characters here.


Meeting Schedules

Potluck After Service

Fifth Sunday

UM Women Meet Second Thursday Evenings

The Negative Neighbor

I once heard about a farmer who was continually optimistic, seldom discouraged or blue. He had a neighbor who was just the opposite. Grim and gloomy, he faced each new morning with a heavy sigh.

The happy, optimistic farmer would see the sun coming up and shout over the roar of the tractor, “Look at that beautiful sun and the clear sky!” And with a frown, the negative neighbor would reply, “Yeah---it’ll probably scorch the crops!”

When clouds would gather and much needed rain would start to fall, our positive friend would smile across the fence, “Ain’t this great --- God is giving our corn a drink today!” Again, the same negative response, “Uh huh…but if it doesn’t stop ‘fore long it’ll flood and wash everything away.”

One day the optimist decided to put his pessimistic neighbor to the maximum test. He bought the smartest, most expensive bird dog he could find. He trained him to do things no other dog on earth could do --- impossible feats that would surely astound anyone.

He invited the pessimist to go duck hunting with him. They sat in the boat, hidden n the duck blind. In came the ducks. Both men fired and several ducks fell into the water. “Go get ‘em!” ordered the owner with a gleam in his eye. The dog leaped out of the boat, walked on the water, and picked up the birds one by one. “Well, what do ya think of that?”

Unsmiling, the pessimist answered, “He can’t swim, can he?”

(Charles Swindoll, quoted from “Stories for a man’s Heart”)


Food Pantry

During the 3rd quarter, the Food Pantry was able to help 4 families with food, sundry items, and gift cards; the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund helped one family with lodging. 

The escrip program (Safeway Bonus Card) donated $29.32 to the Food Pantry fund during the second quarter.  If anyone would like to participate in or if anyone has any questions about the escrip program, please contact Shaw Moffett.



Tip of the Halo to:

  • Lorraine Updike for the beautiful altar flower arrangements
  • everyone who contributed Campbell’s “Labels for Education”
  • everyone who helped with the backpack program
  • everyone who participated in the May 5th Sunday Potluck
  • Shaw Moffett for her work with the Food Pantry
  • Sharon Stanberry for the lovely fall decorations at the church

Birthdays and Special Occasions

Bernard W.                            Oct. 1

Tom S.                                  Oct. 2

Bill G.                                   Oct. 8

Paul H.                                  Oct. 22

Libby K.                                 Oct. 24

Scott P.                                  Oct. 24

Jason P.                                 Oct. 27

Louise W.                               Oct. 29

Bobby T.                                 Nov. 4

Steven H.                                Nov. 6

Mack B.                                  Nov. 13

James L.                                 Nov. 17

Ken P.                                    Nov. 20

Harry R.                                 Nov. 24

Tarah H.                                 Nov. 25

Susan C.                                  Nov. 25

Mary T.                                   Nov. 25

Nick B.                                    Nov. 26

Jesse R.                                    Dec. 5

Larry P.                                   Dec. 15

Ethel H.                                   Dec. 19

Sharon S.                                 Dec. 19

Sandra & Larry Payne               Dec. 19


Lorraine & R.O. Updike             Dec. 20


Melissa W.                               Dec.22



Calendar of Events

Oct. 13      Orlean United Methodist Women meet via email

Oct. 15     Alexandria District Conference 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon, Gainesville UMC

Oct. 23     Orlean UMC Charge Conference at 3:00 at Bethel United Methodist Church

Oct. 23     Christian Comedian Scott Davis in concert at Springfield UMC

Oct. 26     Ladies Night Out; 6:00 p.m.

Oct. 30     Fifth Sunday Potluck and Hayride at Baerback Farm, 11331 Bears Den Road

                 following worship.  In case of bad weather, the potluck will be held at the church.

Nov. 10    Orlean United Methodist Women meet via email


Dec. 8      Orlean United Methodist Women meet via email

Dec. 24    Christmas Eve Service





If anyone would like to receive the newsletter by email, please send a note to orleanwebmaster@yahoo.com and put newsletter in the subject line. 

If you have any questions, please contact Shaw Moffett.



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